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We offer a wide selection of wooden folding chess sets of different shapes and sizes. You can choose between the smaller handier (including magnetic) to larger, up to the real tournament size.

Total products:
Folding set Senator
Price: €37.62
EU VAT: €45.90  
Folding Set Ambassador
Price: €44.67
EU VAT: €54.50  
Tournament 6
Price: €47.05
EU VAT: €57.40  
Chess set Paris
Price: €22.05
EU VAT: €26.90  
Magnetic chess set <br>Square
Price: €36.80
EU VAT: €44.90  
Folding chess set <br> Junior
Price: €41.72
EU VAT: €50.90  
Chess set London
Price: €19.26
EU VAT: €23.50  
Chess set Apple
Price: €18.85
EU VAT: €23.00  
Chess set Blueberry
Price: €18.85
EU VAT: €23.00  

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Roman Chess Pieces gold | black weighted
Special Offer : €16.90
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Dice Tray
Dice Tray
Price: €19.80
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Lesena šahovnica Bonn 50 BN
Chess board Bonn 50 BN
Price: €40.00
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