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Graded Go Problems, Vol. 1

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Author Kano Yoshinori
Release date 1985
Language English
Pages 215
Dimensions 14,8 x 21 cm
Cover Soft
Volume One: Introductory Problems (30-kyu to 25-kyu)

Graded Go Problems For Beginners are the ideal books for players who have just learned the rules of go, bridging the gap between a beginner's book and some of the more 'advanced' elementary books.

The almost 1,500 problems these four volumes contain thor­oughly drill the reader in the fundamentals of the game. Once he has finished studying these four books, he will have mastered the elements of capturing and defending stones, life and death of groups, elementary tactics, the opening, and the endgame, thus lay­ing a solid foundation for his future progress in the game.

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