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Chess Sets

Tournament chess sets, luxury chess sets, special chess sets, combo chess sets, chess sets for three and four players

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Exclusive chess set archers (S 15)
Price: €68.36
EU VAT: €83.40  
Exclusive chess set archers (S 10)
Price: €100.00
EU VAT: €122.00  
Exclusive chess set Poseidon (S 4)
Price: €122.54
EU VAT: €149.50  
Exclusive Chess Set Giants  (S 6)
Price: €122.54
EU VAT: €149.50  
Exclusive chess set renaissance (S 9)
Price: €122.54
EU VAT: €149.50  
Exclusive chess set Greco-Roman period
Price: €167.95
EU VAT: €204.90  
Exclusive chess set Knights (S 12)
Price: €167.95
EU VAT: €204.90  
Chess set Dubrovnik 4PW
Price: €31.07
EU VAT: €37.90  
Three players chess set
Price: €27.79
EU VAT: €33.90  

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Special Offer
Dubrovnik Easy 4PK combo
Special Offer : €8.50
New Offer
Set of chess cups<br>Reflection
Set of chess cups

Price: €49.90
Random Offer
Digitalna šahovska ura Leap KK9908
Digital chess clock Leap KK9908
Price: €40.00
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