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Chess Books

Chess books for every aspect of your chess game, from beginners to advance players, including how to play chess, opening, middlegame and endgame tactics. Browse our collection today and save bi

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The Semi-Slav
Price: €22.85
EU VAT: €23.99  
1.e4 vs The Sicilian I
Price: €22.85
EU VAT: €23.99  
Kotronias on the KI Mar del Plata II
Price: €22.85
EU VAT: €23.99  
Mikhail Tal
Price: €22.85
EU VAT: €23.99  
Encyclopedia of Chess Combinations 5
Price: €38.09
EU VAT: €39.99  
Small steps 2 success
Price: €28.56
EU VAT: €29.99  
Steamrolling the Sicilian
Price: €22.76
EU VAT: €23.90  
The Modern Tiger
Price: €22.85
EU VAT: €23.99  
Sharp endgames
Price: €22.85
EU VAT: €23.99  

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Digital chess clock|computer DGT Pi
Special Offer : €245.00
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Chess Board Tournament 4P Brown
Chess Board Tournament 4P Brown
Price: €17.00
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Mini sestavljanka <br> Leonardov kvadrat
Mini Puzzle
Leonardo's Square

Price: €2.50
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