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Strategies and tactics

Strategy and tactics are two very important elements in chess game. Both are more or less durable compering to openings which are more depending on what's popular at the moment.

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Price: €23.80
EU VAT: €24.99  
Strategic Play<br> GM Preparation
Price: €22.85
EU VAT: €23.99  
Attack & Defence<br>GM Preparation
Price: €22.85
EU VAT: €23.99  
Positional Play<br>GM Preparation
Price: €22.85
EU VAT: €23.99  
Encyclopedia of Chess Combinations 5
Price: €38.09
EU VAT: €39.99  
The Soviet Chess Primer
Price: €18.09
EU VAT: €18.99  
Soviet Middlegame Technique
Price: €21.90
EU VAT: €22.99  
Soviet Chess Strategy
Price: €19.99
EU VAT: €20.99  
My System
Price: €19.99
EU VAT: €20.99  

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Dubrovnik plastic
Special Offer : €16.40
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Wood 3D Puzzle <br> Aeroplane
Wood 3D Puzzle

Price: €5.00
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The French Defence Volume Three
The French Defence Volume Three
Price: €23.99
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