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Title Url Description
World chess links Website full of chess links
Usefull chess chess tactic, problems, news, rules, openings, players
All the King's Men Chess Directory A chess directory organized into four major categories and twenty-eight sub-categories. Subject examples include: articles, rules, history, online play sites, tutorials, books and magazines.
FICS: Free Internet Chess Server Play chess online
Game Colony Two million interactive chess games online
Bruno's Chess Problem Of The Day: Like chess? New chess problems daily, theoretical opening discoveries, chess news, articles, free chess strategies or tactics, banks of games!
ChessEBook Chess openings Chess tactics Test your tactical vision Play like a GM Chess lectures Chess history Chess jokes
Chess Aid Grandmasters Chess Academy
Chess Training Lessons Private chess lessons from the masters, chess training programs, free chess tips online, and more
Eco Chess Improve your chess
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Dubrovnik Easy 4PK combo
Special Offer : €8.50
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Chess pieces Geneva
Chess pieces Geneva
Price: €69.50
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Playing 1.e4 e5 <br> A Classical Repertoire
Playing 1.e4 e5
A Classical Repertoire

Price: €23.99
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