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The 3-3 Point Modern Opening Strategy

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Author Cho Chikun
Release date 2015
Language English
Pages 214
Dimensions 9,4 x 13,5 cm
Cover Soft
Opening theory in go has a long history and has undergone many changes. In the 17th through 19th centuries, the first move in the corner was usually played on the 3-4 point, or occasionally the 5-3 or the 5-4 points. The star point was almost never played. Then in the mid-1930's, the 'New Fuseki' became the vogue. The star point became a key feature and emphasis was placed on central influence.

In present-day opening theory, the star point still carries great weight, since it occupies the corner in one move, has powerful influence along the sides, and permits a much faster development than the 3-4 point. Its weakness lies at the 3-3 point, from which the corner territory can easily be destroyed. However, more and more openings are being played today which emphasize tight territorial control. Here again the 3-3 point is crucial, whether played to secure the corner territory with one move, or to destroy the opponent's corner territory.

In these openings many questions arise about joseki in relation to the surrounding positions. In other words, joseki cannot be confined to just one corner or to one side; the whole board must be taken into account. This book analyses the role of the 3-3 point in opening strategy and features examples taken from about 100 of Cho Chikun's games.

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