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Positional Judgement

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Author Cho Chikun
Release date 1999
Language English
Pages 182
Dimensions 9,4 x 13,5 cm
Cover Soft
Game analysis is the process of estimating fairly accurately the relative territorial prospects of each player at key stages throughout the game. This may seem difficult or even irksome to many players. In fact, without the ability to sit calmly and judge the overall situation, vital moves may frequently be overlooked. Moreover, the estimation has to be accurate enough for you to make important strategic decisions: should you defend or should you invade, should you attack aggressively or should you try to wind up the game quickly? If you can't assess accurately the balance of territories and calculate whether you are ahead or behind, you lack the information that is the key prerequisite for making such decisions.
This book aims to illuminate a long neglected but essential side to the game. It tackles all aspects of the subject, from easy methods of counting territory right through to Cho's own methods of game analysis during play.

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