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Metal puzzles

Metal puzzles, Archimedes

Total products: 23
Archimedes Galaxy
Price: €14.34
EU VAT: €17.50  
Archimedes Atom
Price: €14.34
EU VAT: €17.50  
Archimedes Sphere and Cylinder
Price: €14.34
EU VAT: €17.50  
Archimedes Star
Price: €14.34
EU VAT: €17.50  
Archimedes Nuts and Bolts
Price: €14.34
EU VAT: €17.50  
Archimedes Infinity
Price: €14.34
EU VAT: €17.50  
Hanayama cast puzzle <br> Harmony
Price: €10.57
EU VAT: €12.90  
King - chess piece - puzzle
Price: €28.65
EU VAT: €34.95  
Queen - chess piece - puzzle
Price: €26.64
EU VAT: €32.50  

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Digital chess clock|computer DGT Pi
Special Offer : €245.00
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Barrel with Holes
Barrel with Holes
Price: €15.50
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Lesena Backgammon garnitura <br> Atene
Wooden backgammon

Price: €27.30
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