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Exclusive Chess Set Giants (S 6)

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Battle of the Giants (chess pieces zinc alloy) The fight against the giants was the last battle of Zeus (king) with which he secured the rule of Olympus.
The Giants (pawns) are the offspring of Gaia and Earth, hybrid of humans and snakes. They had a wild look, long beard, and their legs were snake's body, as a sign that they were born from the earth, which was represented by the symbol of a snake. Gaia sent the giants in the fight against the gods, as revenge for the killing of her other children, the Titans.
In the fight against the giants all the gods took part. Zeus was in head of the gods, killed the leader of the Giants, in which he used the thunderbolts that were brought to him by Athena (Queen) which she got it from the Cyclops.
Apollo the god of wisdom (Bishop) appears in many depictions of the battles against the giants in various museums.
Centaur (Knight) also took part in these battles.
Ionic Column (rook) appears on many buildings of the classical period.

The chess pieces are made of a new zinc alloy casting with a modern injection engine. After smoothing the chess pieces, they are coated with a metal coating and then extra varnished.
Delivered in a decorative wooden box
Chessboard made of brass, board 36 x 36 cm (B36)
Pieces: KH = 65 mm, base diameter 25 mm (F6)

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 month.

Exclusive Chess Set Giants (S 6)

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