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Chess Informant No.122

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Players No. Difficulty Age
352 Chess and mind games 3+ years

Author Aleksander Matanovič
Release date 2014
Language English
Pages 352
Dimensions 23,7 x 16,8 cm
Cover Soft
Chess Informant No.122

Older issues also available. Please send us an email with issue numbers you are looking for.

CARLSEN-ANAND World Championship match 2014:

  • THE MASTER OF QUIET POSITIONS - By GM Ernesto Inarkiev (28 pages)
  • SOCHI EQUATION - By GM Aleksandar Colovic (2 pages)


AVOIDING THE SAEMISCH BY A LESS TRAVELLED ROAD - Old Indian Defence A54 - By GM Alexander Morozevich (13 pages)

A CHALLENGE - Reflections on the Midnight in Moscow column (2 pages)

TOPALOV'S COMEBACK - By GM Ivan Sokolov (14 pages)

IS CHESS IS A MATTER OF MEMORY? - Lasker's double sacrifice - By GM Mihail Marin (13 pages)

BACK TO THE MIDNIGHT SUN 1 - Theoretically important games from the Chess Olympiad (Tarrasch, Scandinavian and Dutch) - By GM Wesley So (15 pages)

TRENDING NOW: 1.b3 THE NIMZOWITSCH-LARSEN OPENING! - By GM Sarunas Sulskis  (13 pages)

BACK TO THE MIDNIGHT SUN 2 - The Women's Olympiad had its own share of drama and excitement - By GM Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant (19 pages)


THE PRINCIPLE OF TWO WEAKNESSES - By GM Karsten Mueller (11 pages)


  • B51 Sicilian Defence Moscow Variation - By GM Eduardas Rozentalis (7 pages)
  • E69 King's Indian Defence, Fianchetto Variation - By GM Robert Markus (9 pages)

ALAPIN 2.c3 Sicilian B22 - 4th part - By GM Vassilios Kotronias (22 pages)

GAMES: 200 games annotated in traditional non-language style


ENDINGS - By IM Goran Arsovic

STUDIES - By IM Yochanan Afek


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