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Exclusive chess set Poseidon (S 4)

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King: Poseidon (Melos 2nd century BC). In Greek mythology, the god of the sea and brother of Zeus. His figure is shown proudly and theatrical.
Queen: bronze figure of Athena with helmet and aegis of the Acropolis, Athens (450 BC). She is the goddess of wisdom and patroness and namesake of the city of Athens.
Bishop: bronze figure of the Hellenistic period, the end of the 2nd century BC
Knight: Horse and Rider of the marble facade of the Parthenon. From the parade for the Panathenaen, the largest Athenian festival in honor of their goddess. Created by Phidias, 566 BC
Pawn: bronze figure of a Spartan soldier. Classical period 500 BC
Rook: The grave stele of Aristion, a work of Aristocles as an inscription on the base says. (510 BC)

Chessboard made of brass: Board 36 x 36 cm (W 36)
Pieces: KH = 65 mm, base diameter 25 mm, (F 4)

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 month.

Exclusive chess set Poseidon (S 4)

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