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new chess product

Chess computer
DGT Centaur

Price: €329.00

Price without VAT for non EU residents : €269.67

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6745   2.70 kg

Dimensions of the computer: 44,5 x 40 x 1 cm
Dimensions of the board: 38,4 x 38,4 cm
Dimensions of the field: 4,8 cm

Plastic, weighted chess pieces
Hight of the king: 8,9 cm

Rechargeable internal battery
Engine: Stockfish
ELO: 2900

The Centaur's natural chess playing experience adapts to your level while auto-sensing moves played. The squares highlight moves to make your play intuitive and free of distraction.

Simply turn on the Centaur and begin playing. The intelligent adaptive program adjusts to your playing ability at any level so you will always have a suitable playing partner to challenge you, strengthen your game, and keep you sharp - without any need to use a computer screen, tablet or phone.

Many chess computers are designed to play at the highest strength. As a result, they are either impossible to beat or at lower levels, they play less natural and human - not so fun.

Centaur was made to give everyone a good game. Whether you are a beginner or a strong player, whether you are a home player or a club player, Centaur will adjust to you as soon as you make your first move. Its smart algorithm will automatically adjust to your level and always gives you a challenging game that is both educative and great fun! It has a hint system and the option to set up any position.

Use the Centaur to play, to learn, to train, to analyze and to improve your skill level. Above all, use it to have fun!

Adapts to your strength
Sensor board
e-Paper display with the position, move list, and more
On-square illumination of moves
Rechargeable internal battery
Weighted chess pieces
It has a rechargeable battery, e-Paper display, intuitive settings in many languages and weighted plastic chess pieces.

Although Centaur is not designed for connectivity with devices or online chess portals rumor has it that there are already open source innovations being explored on the Centaur.

The engine is built on Stockfish and will be capable of very strong play. What that is exactly we don't know.

The pieces that come with Centaur are the only ones that will be compatible. Other DGT pieces are slightly larger and have different electronics.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months.

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