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Komodo 11 Chess engine

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Artificial intelligence and human understanding. These two elements combined have characterized the Komodo chess program for years and are what make it stand out from all other top programs. On the development team, computer expert Mark Lefler and Grandmaster Larry Kaufman work together to continuously optimize their engine. Their successes speak volumes: Komodo has won a series of prestigious computer tournaments, including the TCEC, the CCT and last but not least the Computer Chess World Championship 2016!

The new version, Komodo Chess 11, is even stronger than its predecessor. The improved multiprocessor engine can use up to 64 cores for calculating variations, weighing in at over 50 Elo points more compared to its predecessor Komodo 10. In addition, in the endgame or when analyzing, Komodo 11 also benefits from access to Syzygy endgame tablebases*. With tablebases, it can play 5 and 6 piece endings to perfection, with the engine capable of incorporating this knowledge into its assessment during the analysis of complex endgames. "I am deeply moved by the style of Komodo. In my opinion it's the perfect combination between computer accuracy and human positional understanding. I get the feeling it has taken positional understanding to the next level. After such an impressive performance I am going to test Komodo in my future work, especially in very positional play, and am really looking forward to working with it." - GM Boris Avrukh

Komodo 11 Features:

  • Fritz 15 64-bit user interface (optionally 32-bit),
  • All the training and playing functions you know from Fritz
  • Premium membership to Playchess server and Premium for your ChessBase Account (6 months)
  • Online access to the world’s largest analysis database, “Let’s Check”, with over 200 million deeply analyzed positions (6 months)
Komodo, as well as chess prowess, offers all the training and playing functions you know from Fritz, including direct access to the ChessBase Web Apps such as Live Database, the ChessBase video portal, our tactics server and more! Komodo’s intelligent and results-driven evaluations have also proven extremely effective in practice and are reflected in the engine’s playing style. If Komodo 11 considers its position to be advantageous, it avoids exchanges and seeks to open the position, but when defending a worse position, it strives to exchange pieces and block the position, in an attempt to push the game toward a draw. It also recently demonstrated its exceptional playing strength in a series of matches against Grandmasters, including the current world #6, Hikaru Nakamura.

Komodo remained unbeaten in over 50 games in which it gave its human opponents a material advantage or several free moves - with the exception of only a few games in which the handicap consisted of two important pawns or the f7 pawn and three free moves. Komodo even beat Nakamura 2.5 to 1.5! This ultra-strong engine has won three of the last four TCEC championships, making it a multiple winner of the most prestigious prize in computer chess. What is more, at tournament time controls, Komodo is #1 in the majority of rating lists.

At the airport, in the hotel or at home on your couch: with the new ChessBase you always have access to the whole ChessBase world: the new ChessBase video library with hundreds of training videos, tactics server with more than 50,000 tasks, the brand new opening training App, the live database with eight million games, Let’s Check, and, of course, web access to playchess – all you need is an internet connection and a current browser, no matter whether you use iPad, a tablet PC, iMac, Windows, Android or Linux.

Playchess - the World's Largest Chess Server
Every day around 20,000 chess enthusiasts log in to Playchess from across the globe, so you can be sure to find an opponent of your playing strength almost immediately! When you want a break from playing, you can just as easily watch live Grandmaster blitz, or tune in to coverage of world-class tournaments. You can choose who to play against and at what time control, whether you want to try and improve your Playchess Elo in a rated game, or whether it should just be a friendly match – all you need to do is set up your options and the games can begin!

In addition, Playchess hosts several hundred Grandmasters, and even former World Champion Garry Kasparov is no stranger to Playchess. Watch a GM during a blitz game, or take advantage of the daily tournaments for players of all abilities and test your mettle under real tournament conditions! Be part of the action and watch as Anand, Carlsen & Co. vie for victory or the World Championship title - as a Premium member, you benefit from the gripping live analysis of world class commentators such as Daniel King, Yasser Seirawan and Maurice Ashley to name but a few. Tune in and be there for the decisive moments in those crucial games.

Play and Watch
Username and Chat
Save Games / Stored Rating
Live Broadcasts
Chess Tournaments
Live Multi-Board Display

Instant Access to 7 Million Games
Has anyone played this move before? What’s the main line after 9.Re1? What are the results in my favorite variation – and how can I improve on them? The ChessBase Live database provides you with access to games from across the entire history of chess. Enter moves on your board to see which top players prefer a specific variation, all at the click of a mouse. Take a look in the variation tree to see the latest theory – as well as other promising continuations!

7 Million Games (limited)
Live Book (limited)
Let's Check
Endgame Turbo

MyGames is another cloud feature from ChessBase – load games in a matter of seconds and play them back at your leisure. All you need to do is login to “MyGames” and all of your games are there, just where you left them – including those from Playchess! Play through your games with other players or teammates, or let Fritz or another cloud-based engine help you search for improvements in your play!

Comment, Analyze and Save Games: 80Mb
Automatically Save Your Playchess Games
Maintain Opening Repertoire with Live Book Access
Full Playing Strength
Save Games

Fritz Online
Anyone who knows how to play chess has almost certainly heard of Fritz. In its early years Fritz was small enough to install on your PC from a "floppy disk" (something today’s youngest players have probably never even heard of!). In 1995, Fritz won the Computer Chess World Championship, and soon made its way around the world on CD ROMs. The latest version, Deep Fritz 14, is among the strongest multi-core engines in the world. But until now you always needed Windows to play it.

Engine Cloud
How many cores does your system have? Why not use the power of a much larger multi-processor system instead of investing in expensive new hardware? Alternatively, if you have a very powerful computer you can let others use your machine – the engine cloud is a marketplace where you can offer or get access to engines at very low rates (with ducats).

Offer Access to Own Engine
Access to Cloud Engines (for Ducats)*

How did the Winawer with 7.Qg4 go again? Can I still remember my preparation against the Exchange Ruy Lopez? Opening variations are often so complex that you need to see them many times to memorize them for your next game.

Maintain and Save Your Opening Repertoire

90% of all chess games are decided by tactics – which means that success is something you can train! Put yourself through your paces and increase your tactical prowess with “ChessBase Training.”

Tactical Puzzle Collection: 1,000 Positions

CB News
The ChessBase news page covers every top tournament, with daily reports from across the world of chess, round by round. The most important games, the latest photos and all necessary information about players and locations can be found here, all organized by our excellent editorial team.

System Requirements for Komodo 11

Pentium III 1 GHz, 2 GB RAM, Windows 7/8, DirectX9, graphics card with 256 MB RAM, DVD-ROM drive, Windows Media Player 9 and internet access. Recommended: PC Intel i5 (Quadcore), 8 GB RAM, Windows 10 or 8.1, DirectX10, graphics card with 512 MB RAM or more, 100% DirectX10-compatible sound card, Windows Media Player 11, DVD-ROM drive and internet access.

For ChessBase ACCOUNT: Internet access and current browser, e.g. Chrome, Safari. For Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, Linux.

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