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Fritz 16

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Price without VAT for non EU residents : €55.66

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New Fritz, new friend!

The completely reworked “friend” mode makes Fritz 15 the ideal training partner. During the course of a game, Fritz is able to constantly tailor its level to your playing strength and how much time you are using. The program can give you a sign when a tactical opportunity presents itself or point out

typical mistakes to help you improve. Another exciting element is the new evaluation function that analyzes your playing strength throughout the game. Where are your strengths - where are your weaknesses? The opening? Middlegame? Or perhaps the endgame? Fritz 15 gives you an ELO rating for all three phases! You definitely need to see this! Improve your conversion technique “I should have won that!” How often have you been frustrated after playing a good game of blitz on that somehow went wrong? Stoke your curiosity and find out what could have been with Fritz 15 - Fritz can now show you what you missed right after the game. You can, of course, also try to find the way to win yourself using the handy exercise function - an approach certain to boost your own conversion technique and playchess ELO!

New author, new engine

Vasik Rajlich is new to the Fritz team. The American shook up the world of computer chess just a few years ago, reaching the top with his program, “Rybka”. He is the author of the new Fritz 15 engine, so there’s no question that it will be one of the world’s strongest!

Excellent overview, better access

If you watch a lot of training videos or work extensively with databases, the revamped database window is something you’ll love. It doesn’t just automatically display all the Fritztrainer or other courses installed on your hard drive, the improved game list also offers enhanced access options and sorting functions - in a manner similar to the original ChessBase software!

One program, many facets

Fritz 15 doesn’t just offer direct access to playchess. com - it also opens the door to the world of the new ChessBase web tools:

“On-demand video” - unlimited access to our comprehensive database with training videos on every aspect of the royal game, recorded shows, interviews etc.
“Tactic App“ with 50,000 positions
“Live Database” - access the ChessBase online database with 8 million games
Let’s check, Fritz online, engine cloud, my games ...

- New 64 Bit -Fritz multiprocessor engine
- Improved 64 Bit- and 32 Bit program interface
- Premium membership to the new ChessBase Accounts and to (six months)
- Database with over 1.5 million games etc.

System requirements:


Pentium III 1 GHz
Windows Vista, XP (Service Pack 3), 7/8
DirectX9 graphics card with 256MB RAM
DVD-ROM drive
Windows-Media Player 9
internet access for program activation, Let´s Check, Engine
Cloud and Updates


PC Intel i5 (quadcore)
Windows 10 oder 8.1 (64Bit)
DirectX 10 graphics card (or compatible) with 512 MB RAM or more
100% DirectX10 compatible sound card
Windows Media Player 11
DVD ROM drive
internet access for program activation,, Let´s Check, Engine Cloud and Updates

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