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Chess more then a game! German

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Loogicus, German / English, game for 2-8 players, 8-99, 2012.

Chess - more than a game

In this game, going 2-8 players on an exciting journey through Europe and visit 32 major places of chess, meet famous chess players in history and have to answer interesting questions about one of the oldest games in the world. First chess is still multi-faceted!

The board shows a map of Europe with 32 significant places of chess. Each place is marked by a match point which shows one of eight category symbols. The starting point is Madrid, site of the first chess tournament in Europe 1575, final destination is Tromsö, site of the Chess Olympiad 2014.

The question cards are divided into 8 categories:
- Curiosity
- openings
- Matt in
- Rules
- Board and pieces
- lexicon
- Timeless Beauties
- Quiz

Each category has its own symbol and its own color, which are deposited on the board.

On each card you can find the questions for four different levels of play:

Pawn – knight – Rook - Queen

classified by the difficulty of the issue. So everyone can find something interesting for him. The different game levels are clearly marked.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 month.

Chess more then a game! German

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