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Steamrolling the Sicilian

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Author Sergey Kasparov
Release date 2013
Language English
Pages 240
Dimensions 23,5 x 17,0 cm
Cover Soft
Experienced grandmaster Sergey Kasparov presents a surprising way to combat the Sicilian Defense, Black's most popular choice against 1.e4. White unbalances the position of his opponent right from the start, gains space and prepares to steamroll his way to victory.

This repertoire is complete and contains many new ideas and improvements on existing opening theory. Kasparov writes lively, personal and highly instructive prose, and includes many exercises to test the amateur reader.

Grandmaster Sergey Kasparov (1968) was born in Baku, AzeRbaijan, and now lives in Belarus. He has won many tournaments throughout the world and is a regular contributor to the New In Chess Yearbooks.

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