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Slovenska odbrana 4... a6

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Author Viorel Bologan
Release date 2010
Language Serbian
Pages 264
Dimensions 25,0 x 14,8 cm
Cover Hard
The book is dedicated to the original discovery of significant Moldovan trainer and theoretician Vyacheslav Chebanenko. System 4 .. a6 in the Slav defense, which was considered a quarter-century earlier as a trivial opening is in our time one of the most popular and safe choices for black in closed openings. Grandmaster Viorel Bologan, disciple and successor of Chebanenkos work has collected in the book the experience and the latest practices, and offer some new ideas and analyzes of typical plans in middle game. Tasks for solving will help the reader to "feel" better the strategic and tactical ideas in Chebanenko variation and quickly learn the schemes used by the best chess players in the world.

The book is intended for a broad range of chess players.

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