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Wooden Giant pieces KH=60 cm

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Handcrafted chess pieces are designed for functional or decorative use and should be cared for like any other wooden sculpture. They are not suitable toys for children.

Material: Teak wood
KH=60 cm
Care and Maintance:
The chess pieces carved in teak wood are easy to maintain. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove dust and stains that are caused by rain or other wear and tear.
Since wood is a "living material," natural changes and alterations to the pieces are inevitable. For example, clefts occur because the wood permanently moves. This change, however, contributes to the uniqueness of each sculpture. The wood is a very warm and beautiful material and we deliberately use teak wood because of its characteristic grain and unique colour.

Disclaimer: the chess figures are designed for internal and external use, but are not suitable toys for children. Careless treatment could result in dents and scratches.

In summary: these figures are not fragile, but do need care to ensure their preservation. Although teak wood is suitable for outside use, the pieces should be covered or moved inside during heavy rain or snowfall. Similar treatment should be applied to plastic chess figures as well.

Wooden Giant pieces KH=60 cm

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