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Exclusive chess set Knights (S 12)

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Chessmen, designed with motifs from Greek mythology

The chess pieces shown on this collection reflects the knight.

In the Middle Ages, at the beginning of the 9th Century, the first knights appeared in Europe, they were powerful and violent. Later on in the 11th Century, with the change from paganism to Christianity and the Church, the Knights have been disciplined by the clergy and their activities led to useful purposes. They should use their power for helping the poor and protecting the weak, as it was usual Christian custom. To become a knight, you had to be trained in hunting and become familiar with horses and traveling. At the age of 20 years, the squire in a special ceremony, the knighting, were raised to the nobility, they were presented with their swords and they had to swear that they will use their power only for holy and honorable purposes. Many knights followed the call of the Pope, and took part in the Crusades. On the way to the Middle East, they also crossed Greece, where they built many castles during their stay. Around the 15th Century the knights and their ideal began to disappear.

The chess pieces are made of a new zinc alloy casting with a modern injection engine. After smoothing the chess pieces, they are coated with a metal coating and then extra varnished.
Delivered in a decorative wooden box
Chessboard made of brass, board 44 x 44 cm (B 44)
Pieces: KH = 90 mm, base diameter 34 mm (F 12)

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 month.

Exclusive chess set Knights (S 12)

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